Saturday, June 8, 2013

some political post

here found This on reddit and I totally agree. I don't think we have to give up our liberties for securities as far as finding terrorists. Well read article and it made me sad again to think that many people have forgotten that the government is supposed to exist to serve the people. not the other way around.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

You are entitled to your own wrong opinion.

Sometimes I have friends who post really interesting things. Like this. Personally, I think it is stupid. You can believe that your government is there to limit you from becoming your ultimate self because they restrict you, but you also have to remember that (at least in America) people vote for their government representation, and somewhat for their laws. Even though there is cheating and sometimes it can seem askew, you have to believe that majority rules. It is close! for a lot of issues there are almost equal amounts on both sides, but the law is the law. That has never stopped people entirely from breaking it. And that won't stop the government with enforcing the consequences.

Besides the government though, everything has its own natural consequences. You can believe that drugs have no side effects besides making you feel great, but until there is proof that those drugs have more positive effects than negative, you aren't going to convince the general public. Why not just stick around people with your own ideals instead of forcing them on others? Open discussion is great if it is truly open.

I know, I know. My thoughts aren't running entirely smoothly right now (trying to cram my thoughts before lunchtime) so here is what I think about this picture. You don't need drugs to open your mind. Kids have AWESOME imaginations without drugs. Though society tries to harness and suppress it as you get older, that is still a matter of choice. At least kids have an on and off switch. To me, the ability to control that is way better than getting some drug induced anti-reality brain craze. The natural explanation to that is INSANITY so you want to induce your own insanity is what this is telling you. This doesn't even make sense because if you know something, that is concrete. You can be your own judge of right and wrong. Not even all of society agrees on ethics. Is it really wrong to know what exists? Is it wrong to experience what everyone else experiences as REALITY when taking drugs will only make your brain believe things individually? How will that make anything better? How is that unlocking your potential? What would you say if it unlocked your potential as a serial killer? What would be your explanation then?

If someone was to go to some Shaman or is doing this out of some spiritualistic ritual to "open their mind" instead of just to escape reality because they are too afraid to deal with the world like the rest of us then fine. My opinion of you is that you are a weak individual, but make sure you have a sane person looking after you so you don't freak out on the rest of the world. Control your substance like doctors try to do. Be smart about your stupidity (if that makes any sense at all). Abuse of rights is what gets them taken away.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I guess I don't understand money.

I think that is a problem with people who weren't raised having a lot.
Being in a large family that is not homeless poor, but qualifying for welfare and free lunch at school etc can teach someone a lot about humility, frugality and sharing.

I don't like politics. I have never voted. I don't like that a nation that is supposed to be united can be so torn and have such split views. For example, I think politicians go against their own beliefs and morals to get the vote of their party. This year is the first year I have really cared, AND IM NOT IN AMERICA.

That all being said, you might be able to tell that I am strongly against Romney. That dude seems like a huge douche bag. HUGE. I really feel like the only people who are backing him are 1. white supremacists, 2. mormons, 3. people who make at least 6 figs.

Being a mormon (not the best one I know), I find it appalling that Romney justifies his lies. Luckily the liar will be thrust down to hell (hopefully a different hell than me). He feels that half the country are moochers?! Really, I mean its not like he is using every loophole he can find to pay the least amount of taxes or taking advantage of every tax break he can. Who wouldn't if it was legal, right?

I agree that many people who do not need it are receiving welfare. Those things need to be looked at, but it sounds like (I could be wrong) that Romney is against any support. What does he think people are supposed to do? I understand that people don't want to pay for people's fake nails -as said by some motard on my facebook (geez that has got annoying!)

I'm just sitting here baffled that there is enough money circulating in America for unnecessary things to pay off our country's debt and deficit. Congress signed a pledge not to raise taxes on the high class, but my question is, why doesn't the higher class just give it to their country or donate it? What is so hard about bailing out the country that permitted you the opportunity to be as rich as you are? People make millions every year and I can't think of any lifestyle that requires that much money.

I remember having a conversation in seminary about the difference between rich and wealthy. Rich people are not hurting for anything and can have pretty much whatever they want. Wealthy people have so much money they don't know what to do with it so it sits there and accumulates.

I KNOW there are plenty of people out there with TONS of money just accumulating, and they will never in their mortal life see where all of it will go. They are upset that people with less opportunity want opportunity or a better life. I also feel like they know that in order to stay rich, other people need to stay poor.

I also just want to remind people who are going crazy about obama being a socialist and his robin hood mentality that ROBIN HOOD WAS A HERO. And Romney is forgetting about a higher law in mormon doctrine when he is against wealth distribution. THE LAW OF CONSECRATION. thats right, the near communist law that was almost put in place in the doctrine and covenants that talks about how families will labor and they will only keep the earnings they need to sustain their family and the rest will go to the church to be distributed to the less fortunate. Everyone works hard and everyone gets what they need. Romney has a skewed vision of need, and suffering. I'm wondering if it was back in bible times and Romney was that rich merchant guy who came to Jesus and said he was righteous all his life and what more he do, if he wouldn't be just like him and not be able to forsake his riches because he had also "worked all his life to earn them". You can't take your dollaz to heaven, son.

There are flaws in every form of government and there are valid and positive ideas in them all as well. I believe in a lot of the views that Obama has, but I don't have enough politi-smarts to know if all his promises can be kept. Jill Stein looks more like my kinda leader.

Peace to all, and no more facebook posts, please.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mormon Madness

I don't know if it is just Romney or what, but there is just a ton of stuff about mormons circulating online lately. I mean popularly within my friend group though (because I know there was always stuff about Mormons)

Here are my recent finds that have just been making me think a lot.

So I don't know what this whole program is about yet, but I found their website here. I'm going to be checking it out. It is just really curious to me because I feel like LGBT are not treated the same at any BYU and there is a program at provo. There should be one at every school to teach people how to be more accepting and kind. I also want to know how they reconcile the teachings of the church with the problems that these people face. Do they encourage what some do, that they get a straight marriage even though they aren't attracted to that gender? It is really strange to me.

Next is this crazy girl.

So there are all these myths. Some are just exaggerations. And you know you can think of other people all they want, but regardless of their beliefs, just because they aren't your beliefs, doesn't mean you gotta bash. If religion wasn't based on faith, everyone would be the same religion. But I feel like I get why there are so many different takes. Even the Mormon religion isn't perfect. I mean not everything has been revealed yet right? Doesn't mean we don't have the tools to be saved. Anyhow, I just think this chick is dumb because it is mostly a choice to be any religion. Whoever believes what they believe had a choice to believe it, and obviously you are trying to say what other people believe. Why not just believe what you want and leave other people alone. Nothing is really "far-out" in any religion and if it is a belief, they are going to do a ritual. Monks in other religions believe in celibacy. If saving yourself for marriage is a belief, then to be a practicing/ worthy mormon, you have to do that so of course they are going to ask 12 year old boys about their sex lives you idiot. Okay. There is more but you can all just think about that for yourselves.


this lady reminds me of myself, but a little more extreme. The comments are what kills me. There are some RUDE RUDE LDS people calling her out. If you think that is what makes people strong is for you to call them to repentance, then you should just look in the mirror and start the yells, butthead.

Anyway. Those are the thoughts spinning at the moment.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Educational Theory

As I left the testing center today... I thought about how my studying habits were affecting my ability to perform on tests.
The first test in this class I got a 98.
The next was a 93 or something like that.
What do I expect on this one?
maybe a 90.
The first test I was able to study a lot because I had the study guide the first day of class.
The next one the study guide came a little late.
For this one, things kept changing and when I was taking the test was not really known.
Things keep changing so I have not been able to keep a stable strategy for this class.
I do the assignments so in theory I have SOMETHING to study even though its probably 80% more than what will actually be on the test.
To me, with shortened semesters, changing schedules, and the amount of memorization required by other classes as well, I am cramming my brain with a ton of information which feels like it is hurting more than helping.
Im getting stressed out a LOT lately. Perhaps much of it is lack of a balanced life.
I have decided that I am no longer learning at this point in the semester, I am only cramming what is necessary to get by.
Some of this attitude may be stemming from the idea given to me by my 11th grade English teacher who advised his students that a B grade is okay in school. You pass, you get your degree, and there is considerably less stress than trying to get the A. I agree in a way. Not stressing is imperative to good health and also proper concentration. Even more, some teachers have crazy expectations. Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, especially an attainable challenge... as in one that I can attain in the given time. I don't like when at the end of the semester, I'm still struggling to get a B+. (well that hasn't really happened to me unless I neglected the class entirely) but as far as papers go, teachers expect different things. I have to not only learn material, I have to learn the teacher's style and how to appeal to that certain teacher. Sometimes I just can't figure out what they want! Much of that has happened in my music classes. I guess I just can't write about music. I haven't read a lot about music... and perhaps that is another reason why these higher level music classes are a bit harder. The vernacular and way things are stated are just not conventional to everything else I am used to reading. I guess I should have taken AP music theory...
But I digress. Some teachers... like mine in third grade not only believe in a bell for a class, but also for the student. It was impossible to get straight As on a report card because nobody is perfect. Wherever there was more room for improvement, expect a C, and secondary subjects, a B and only your most outstanding subjects earned you As. That could also be a part of my drive to always be better. In my mind, I thought, REALLY?! so if i didnt do any work at all in that subject i would get the same grade? (well maybe an f) but why did I do this A work in my mind (doing all the requirements to the best of my ability) and get a C... Im really not good enough for school?
Anyways. Professors in my classes today always emphasize how no one wants a B doctor operating on their brain. So since my English teacher wasn't a doctor, that was okay? Are grades subject specific? Or maybe degree specific? If you have to get As as a doctor, are there no more grades and just pass fail? (no really i dont know how that works)
So my whole thing about today is. Stay on top of things, but don't be a perfectionist on things you can get by with doing less (unless you have the time and energy). I totally don't prioritize well. I need spaced practice (a little review every day to solidify my memory). Cramming doesn't work for me well... especially in HISTORY with all these chapters of names, places, dates, concepts etc.~~~ ouch brain cramp.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

religious controversy of our time



two contrasting articles. We have talked about new atheism in class before and it is interesting. It is based on the terrorist attacks that religion is dangerous and should be expelled from society. It has been said that religion is primitive and full of superstitions (Einstein- yet he still believed in God). However, the reversing moral decay article suggests that to be civilized, religion is a pre-requisite. Personally, religion is a guiding factor to my life. It is a huge part of history for one- it lead countries to conquer others, had people rebelling for religious freedom, inspired people to move towards a manifest destiny. And depending on which side you were on, religion was good or bad. The Aztecs went around sacrificing people of neighboring tribes to their gods, and then Cortes came in and massacred a ton of indigenous in the name of Christ. But if there was no moral code, what would people have built their constitutions and laws around? And where else would they have learned the moral code? It is very interesting to consider both sides of this argument.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Inescapable race and Security's misfortune

Back to school for my last year! Already I am learning and experiencing again only one week into it. Terms are great in that they get right to the point. It feels more rigorous, as a school should be. I would quit my job if semesters were as rigorous as the terms. I totally would do it too. Great challenge.

Anyhow, as much as I have tried to not be racist and ignore the blatant racism and elitist mindsets around me, I was reminded once again of the ignorance and naivety of others. One student in my Spanish class from the east coast, a background of knowing communities of whites and blacks, often separated still, a sprinkle of Mexicans, and maybe an occasional Asian, came to Hawaii and had his eyes opened to the world of the Polynesians. While I know the islands are easy to overlook and many people are unaware of their existence still (at least besides Hawaii), his harsh bias in thinking with only life experience in the east and with his mission in Mexico proved his mouth a premature speaker. Our break time conversation outside of the classroom lead to stereotypes of cultures and how many cultures become offended when mistaken for another. It started with Indonesians and Malaysians. I thought to myself about how Spanish don't like being mistaken for Mexicans, and how Samoans and Tongans aren't just one mesh of brown. However, this albeit young man made it known his insensitivity in how much the past can matter, or patriotism mattered to anyone but him as a white American. No, he didn't say this, but its what I got. He didn't become offended, he said, when others thought his dialect of English wasn't as proper or intelligent and so other people should be offended when they are mistaken for another. While it would be ideal to forget about the past and build a peaceful future, your accusations of that way of thinking as being stupid and insignificant is what makes peace impossible. History accounts for beliefs of a society, and society accounts for beliefs of individuals. You MUST be sensitive to these subjects to understand people and to build meaningful relationships with them. He continued to criticize the Haka, and how Maori's are too sensitive. And told a "joke" of how when the English arrived in NZ, they must have thought the Haka was weird and stupid and just shot them... as he laughed at the picture in his mind. Ignorance is bliss, clearly. Still, he had not finished. He went on to criticize all Polynesians for adopting the Haka as "their thing" when it was only the Maori's. I was close to boiling over. Cultures are different, but adopting a dance or some other form of expression as a cross cultural symbol for all of polynesia is quite the same as music representing "Latinos" or even latinos unidos. Its the same idea. Anyways I don't want to dwell anymore after this rant on the stupidity of mankind.

There is a book I want to read eventually
The Brothers Karamozov. We had an excerpt of this read to us in class today because we have been talking about the concept of security. When conquerors came to other lands and offered protection, they also took away some of their freedom. This book talks about an "inquirer" who talks to Christ and lectures him about how when he brought more freedom to man, of choice, he made it infinitely more difficult for him because there was no security net of being told exactly what to do. Here I am in my dorms, new rules every year, said to be for my "security" however taking away some of my freedom at the same time. Yet the scriptures say that man should do much good by their own free will. I can't choose good anymore, I just must always do what is good. I can't even decide what is good, these people are telling me what is good for me. Self imposed parents? How am I to live in a world of choices after not being able to do anything. And people wonder why soldiers go crazy after they come back from deployment? It isn't just post traumatic stress from war. Think about having a tight schedule every day. You are told when you can pee and drink and relax your stance. Come home and suddenly you can do whatever. How do you know what to do? I came to an environment thinking I would be with people who choose to do good. Instead, I have placed myself in a well disguised moral prison. While I appreciate the security, I think I prefer freedom. At least I can appreciate that more when I leave.